Durrance Suite


The O.G. of original rooms in the house.

The Durrance Suite features unique setups like retro sliding doors for complete spaciousness or comfortable privacy. Try out the dual shower/bath combo for added uniqueness. Named after the most traveled route on the Tower, this room has seen some some of the most incredible visitors to date. Feeling adventurous? Let us guide You up the most famous climbing route on the Tower to complete Your Durrance stay. 


225 a night

2 queen beds

4 person max occupancy


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Your GPS won’t work… we promise.


Here at Devils Tower Lodge we strive to be quirky and eccentric. Consequently have found ourselves between a Rock and an unlisted road


We can tell you all sorts of fabulous stories of GPS-trusting-guests who barely made it to the Lodge. So trust US when we say, “Download the map or you’ll get lost and end up asking the prarie dogs for directions.”


Please download the map.. just trust us.


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