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 Frank Sanders

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Frank is surely the area's greatest resource on Devils Tower, its history, and climbing. He has been climbing the Tower since 1972 & has summited over 2,000 times. His greatest satisfaction comes from helping others fully enjoy and enrich their lives. He is always happy when around and on the Tower, but truly joyous watching lives change for the larger and better. As an avid cyclist, climber, and sea kayaker, he knows the value of an accommodating retreat, restorative relaxation, and inspiring vistas.
Frank and all of the staff at Devils Tower Lodge continually strive to give you this and much much more. He also waits patiently at the piano, to play a duet or two with you. 
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frank sanders
Gabe & Rachel

Gabriel & Rachel Skiera

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Gabe came out to Devils Tower for the first time in 2014, and couldn't get it out of his head. As an avid climber, he fell in love with the Tower and the Black Hills. He began working for Frank the following year as a climbing instructor, and came back every year after. In 2018, Gabe and Rachel made Devils Tower their home & began running the Lodge full time. They love providing a secluded retreat where people can feel refreshed & revitalized, & do their best to enrich the lives of all who pass by. Gabe is a wealth of knowledge on the history of the area, but especially loves the climbing history on Devils Tower. Rachel will make sure you don't go to bed hungry & wake up to the smell of fresh coffee.
These two will make you feel right at home. 

 Frank & the Tower

The first time Frank Sanders saw Devils Tower was in the sudden brilliance of a lightning strike. It sent a wave of anxiety through him, but the next day he climbed The Tower. Forty-three years later, he's repeated that act more than 2,000 times and learned a thing or two about going up and not growing old.

 Between the Devil and the Sky

For rock climber Frank Sanders, the captivating power of Devils Tower was instant and life-long.  Since his first ascent, Sanders has climbed Devils Tower thousands of times, and even moved into a lodge at its base. There, he shares its magic with visitors year-round, and the climb never gets old. 

 Frank Sanders of Devils Tower

Misty Mountain is no stranger to Wyoming's Wilds but we like to let the pros do the talking. Take a journey with Devils Tower's own Frank Sanders as he gives us a look into his minds eye of why the "Tower of Power" is truly unlike any other.